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country are no doubt saying thank god it's friday. a a disastrous week for the left headlined by the election of scott brown in massachusetts new poll numbers could spell more trouble for the president and his party. look at what has happened to the anointed one's approval rating. it appears to be in a free fall dropping three points to 45%. but it gets worse. according to bloomberg news 77% of u.s. investors polled believe the president is anti-business. as for the number one priority, health care reform, america is not too keen on that either. according to a new gallup survey, 55% want democrats to immediately suspend work on their health care reform bill and consider alternatives. the only good news i have for the president is the week is almost over. there's a lot of football this weekend. apparently he couldn't let the week pass without talking about his favorite subject,
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himself. look at today's white house orchestrated town hall event in ohio. >> what does it mean for obama? obama is just trying to perpetrate big government. obama is trying to cut medicare. there's some who think if obama loses, we win. >> sean: joining me reaction to all this karl rove the architect. i guess talking in the third person -- did you notice how angry he was today? >> yeah, absolutely. he did try and cut medicare. there was a reason people were saying that he laid out a plan to cut medicare by 456 billion dollars. of course people were saying obama is trying to cut medicare. i was amazed about that speech, he went on to say, look i've been trarpbs transparent in washington that's why people -- why people are up sent. didn't we see him conduct negotiations on the health care bill behind closed doors not on c-span as he promised?
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he said i'm the guy cutting waste and fraud out of the government. please, tell us where mr. president? last year he said i'm going to cut 100 million dollars in savings out of the budget that was 0.0003/100 of 1% of the budget. 3 vannatter 1,000% of the budget. it took weeks. finally he said i've been confronted on health care by the special interests. were you the guy who started off by putting the pharmaceutical lobbyists in the room with you and ended by caving into the unions by saying if you were at a union you didn't get your cadillac plan tax anyone who wasn't in the -- who was in the union did. this is ridiculous today. all i did was creating -- was think about creating jobs.
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pathetic performance. >> sean: he seems angry. i'm not doing this for anybody but you. he seems to think people don't recognize his greatness and goodness. rasmussen has a poll. 61% democrats say they should drop it all together even chris dodd says put it on the back burner for the next month. he seems to be full steam an hemmed does he get a bill passed? >> i think he if is going to day in. if he did follow dodd a lot of energy would go out members would be reluctant to take it back up after they've seen how badly people have been singed by it. poor ben nelson. he thought he was doing a great thing by sneaking in this special kickback for nebraska and nebraskans are overwhelming in favor of tossing him out of office and replacing him with the
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republican governor who said i don't want this special treatment. nebraska ought to get the same treatment as everybody else. he may -- i think part of this anger is feigned. i think this is part of an act. watch what axelrod said we are going to pivot. the president immediately had tough rhetoric on the economy and the banks. i think they are looking to be angry mr. populist, out the window now we mr. hot, angry, i'm beating my fist because all i'm doing is thinking about jobs every moment i'm going to get the nobel peace prize or get the olympics for chicago. >> sean: i don't see how that helps. i don't think the american people want an angry president i think they want a president that sounded more centrist and moderate. they were out toing they were creating two million jobs a week and a half ago the jobless rate gone up in 43
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states. 77% of investors in this country say our president is anti-business. which by the way, i agree. he has more than a management problem, he has substantive issues. >> absolutely. this was a mistake this week for the president to go out and our economy is in a from jill state we've soon a little signs of recovery not because of the stimulus bill that has hurt not helped. for him to come out and take this unnecessarily antagonistic -- viciously anti-business tone. it may be sensible to say to banks if you get the federal guarantee for deposits you shouldn't be playing with money by betting on the stock market. when you dress it up with the anti-business, anti-market, anti-caplism rhetoric of course investor are going to be ver news. he we ought to encourage the
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get of american enterprise, not discourage it. >> sean: he probably knows the ins and outs of the disseconds you two probably know better than anybody. he said if the massachusetts model holds up meaning the percentage of votes for obama in 2008 and the vote for scott brown just this past week, that would mean 155 seats would be up for grabs that the democrats could lose for the first time obama actually trails mike huckabee in a poll. what does that tell you about the election year we are heading into the midterms in light of the election results this week? >> it is explosive. before think was thinking the republicans might have a chance to pick up four to six seats in the united states senate. i now think the republicans have a chance to pick up between five and eight seats. they've already picked up two. they've picked up massachusetts and then i gotta tell you if there's a candidate poised for victory
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it's replacing dorgan. we lead in five other seas in the senate. this could be an earthquake this fall. i'm sort of cautious about these things but it is looking like rather rather than taking 20, 22 house seats we could take more. >> sean: the question i've been asking everybody this week, give bill clinton credit he will be shocked if he is watching to hear me say that he did pivot. he did change. he did move the era of big government is over. the end of welfare as we know it. there's been no evidence that i have seen in barack obama's past or this first year in office that shows any signs of moderation. do you think co-pivot, change, moderate, move to the right, move to the center? do you see him capable of it? >> yeah, look any president can sort of gauge the situation. people get elected president
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generally pretty smart so they can gauge the situation and discipline themselves to make a change. we'll get a sense quickly as to whether or not he's going to make a change. four days from now we are going to have the state of the union address. if he's going to make a pivot and begin to govern from the middle we should start to see it there. we get hints in the run up to that speech. what we saw today in lorraine, ohio was a hint that what we are going to see is a populist, angry, fist pounding i'm taking on the special interest, i'm mr. accountability and i'm mr. transparency and i'm taking on the powers that be. we a hint in the good morning america interview. i laughed out loud when i saw him say the thing that elected scott brown was the thing that elected me in 2008. i mean please. then went on to describe what that was. he said the events of the last eight years. george bush caused scott brown to get elected? reaction to george bush.
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pathetic but a sign he was living in a different world and talking -- than if you were saying i'm going to moderate and move to the middle. as i indicated in the campaign. >> sean: going to be fun to watch somebody take a populist position when they just bribed a louisiana senator, nebraska senator and the unions that elected him. karl rove, thank you. >> thank you. >> sean: still more to come on this friday edition of hannity. here's a sneak peek. >> i hate to say this to my fellow democrats but i wasn't shocked. >> democratic infighting. >> they are going to be -- looking at the next governor of the common wealth of virginia. >> sean: is the president's presence the kiss of death for the candidates? >> pushing health care reform, i don't want it.
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fewer calories. i love light & fit. >> 66 >> sean: this week marked the conclusion. anointed one's first year in office. tracking the president's stats over the past 365 days. let's take a look. year within, 52 statements on care reform. used his teleprompter 178 times. i thought it was more. he found time to hit the links, 29 times. president bush only golfed seven times during his first year in n n n n
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>> sean: tonight, despite a major backlash from the people
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the president plans to continue to shove his health care reform right down your throat. >> i'm not gonna walk away just because it's hard. we are going to keep on working to get this done with democrats, i hope with republicans. anybody who is willing to step up. >> sean: mr. president it is not you need to be worried about it is member of your on party. starting at the top. speaker of the house nancy pelosi's take on the bill. >> i don't see the votes for it, at this time. the members have been very clear in our caucus about the fact that they didn't like it before it had the nebraska provision and some of the other provisions unpalatable to them >> sean: she is right. democrats in the house and senate could not be more clear it is time to move on from health care reform. take it from democratic congressman who says we have to step back, take a breath and realize these bills as
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they now stand are dead. even connecticut senator dodd is starting to turn the corner calling on congress to take a break from health care in order to focus on jobs. earlier this week senator evan bayh of indiana put it best when he warned his party about ignoring the will of the american people. he told abc news, if you lose massachusetts that's not a wake-up call there's no hope of ever waking up. judging by president's comments earlier today he may be the own within still asleep. joining me with reaction from the weekly standard stephen hayes. fox news contributor patrick cadell. is the health care bill dead, pat? >> of course it's dead. it has been hanging there for a while. i think that everybody but the president may know that it is as dead as it can be. the only thing they can hope is if they can get the republicans to get together and do a couple things with the insurance industry.
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this thing is gone. the sooner they recognize it the better. >> sean: stephen? >> i think that is right. john pwaeufpber said it best, he said it is john boehner said it best, it is not as dead as i want it to be but it dead as i want it to be but it it is possible they could squeeze out some sort of a moderate bill pulling some republicans by pulling the popular parts. it feels dead at this point to try to reengage would be trying to bring it back to life. it is politically tough. >> sean: amazing to me pat -- go ahead. >> what i wanted to say, what they should do is go to regular order. send it back to the senate, let the republicans kill it with 41 votes and get the poison out of the system. the poison on this bill -- i've said this, i didn't come up with this, this week as you know. i've been saying trying to jam this down the country's throat is not going to work. there was a poll today, 78% of
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the people said the results in massachusetts reflected the frustration. country. not something special to that state. >> sean: the questiontd2 i've been having, it is interesting to listen to chris dodd and i've been it quoting evan bayh and jim webb all week. why hasn't there been one moderate, courageous democrat in either the house or senate to stand up against this? >> well, now you're starting to see people second guessing the way the president handled this in a much more public way. until this point you saw very little of that what i think is interesting, when you look at the comment that you played from nancy pelosi, she is getting it from both sides. moderates terrified of results in massachusetts and want to run as fast as they can away from this. she is also getting from it left telling her, as they've told her throughout the process, we don't like the senate bill. we don't want these compromises. you need to be pure.
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we are not happy there is no public option and we don't want to vote for it. she is getting it from both sides one of the reasons it would be hard to patch this together. you are trying to bring together two parts of this democratic caucus that doesn't like it. >> sean: pat, i watched the president today he was angry, lashing out, i've been doing this for you. i could have been more popular if i did a, b, c, d. i was watching today, i didn't think anger is going to be the answer. i don't see how this president recovers. what would you advise him if you were talking to him? >> don't underestimate the situation. even this week 54% of the american people said they trust him. >> sean: how does he recover? >> his personal popularity. he's got to move. i've said on this show, since january, haven't i? smaller stimulus, targeted, move the economy, jobs, deal
5:19 am
with the issues that people are concerned about. you're a democrat. you now, i don't know what they're doing. i thought today for a warm-up. hope this is not a warm-up for the state of the union. i thought he would become ronald reagan on deficits if he does what he did today there's a real problem. the republicans have a real problem too. this problem with the banks. if they keep defending the banks which are giving my party 67% of wall street's money and defend them, they're crazy. >> sean: this drives me crazy. i'm not saying the banks haven't made mistakes. they were forced to make risky loans. they were forced to give loans, just like mortgage companies and financial institutions and all throw this to stephen they were forced to do it by the government because of rebusiness policies and this fundamental belief that every american should own a home whether they could afford it
5:20 am
or not. they bankrupt the country set up the housing bubble now they want to blame everybody but themselves. we want to talk about financial corruption. >> -- there's plenty of blame to go around. what we've seen virtually no coverage of fannie and freddie and their role in this. shows like this to get coverage. it has not been covered at all. they share in the cull ability. -- culpability. >> sean: i don't have time. we'll have you back next week or soon thereafter. thanks guys. president obama's presence on the campaign trail is making a big different for candies. not the way you think. we'll explain that and much more,,,,,
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>> sean: tonight in hannity's america. the president came out swinging against yesterday's supreme court opinion which made it easier for corporations to donate to political campaigns. he said. the supreme court has given a green light to a new stampede of special interest money in our politics. interesting coming from the first major presidential candidate ever to forego public financing in a presidential election. candidate obama opted out of the public financing system as soon as he realized he could raise more than mccain he spent more campaign money than any candidate in history this is not the first time the president has flip-flopped on the issue. in 2007 he was for spending limits out toing a fundraising truce as well as a commitment to preserve a publicly
5:25 am
financed election. which is it? maybe he will decide in 2012. he has hit the road to campaign over the past year for candidates. i didn't know how much his presence is helping. it may be the kiss of death in the fall he hit the campaign trial with -- trail with virginia candidate deeds who went on to lose by 17 1/2 points. he fought hard for new jersey governor corzine's reelection corzine came up four points short. he tried to convince the bay staters that coakley was the right senator for them. you know how that turned out. folks, guess who is up next? the president is headed to nevada next month to campaign for prince harry reid who continues to drop to new lows in the polls. can the president rescue him? i don't know, prince harry, i don't like your chances. think copenhagen. president obama has a lot of problems on his plate as his second year in office begins
5:26 am
begin none may be more imposing than this. the newest critic ultimate fighter brock lesnar. he's speaking out against government run health care and president obama the ufc heavyweight champ recently fell seriously ill during a hunting trip in canada and told espn radio the only thing that saved his life was escaping that country in order to receive treatment here in the good old u.s.a.. listen to this: >> probably the lowest moment was getting care from canada. i hate to bash 'em, but they they couldn't do nothing for me. it was just like i was in a third world country. the only reason i'm mentioning this to the united states of america, because president obama is pushing this health care reform and obviously, i don't want it. >> sean: sounds like mr. lesnar is recovered and
5:27 am
ready for a fight. >> you thought the copenhagen climate change conference couldn't become any more of a failure? the new york time albeit reluck landly reports even the meaningless nonbinding accord is now in jeopardy of the 190 nations that takened the conference, less than two dozen have officially agreed to the terms of the accord. by the way, countries have only until january 31st, to do so. to think, all that fuel wasted flying those private jets and driving around in those limos all around copenhagen, such a shame that is the news from hannity's america. coming up criticism of the stimulus from an unlikely source. and the bush speechwriter who duked it out with christiane amanpour. you want to see this.
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he is in studioioioioioioio
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66 >> sean: the president continues to insist that the stimulus bill was effective. some of the people who received stimulus dollars disagree. atlanta mayor spoke up at yesterday's meeting between the president and the u.s. conference of mayors to tell the president the methods used for dispersing the first stimulus dollars was wrong that approach did not work. mr. president are you taking
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notes? in 1946, the american lung association added clear skies to america's christmas wishes. for over 100 years, your gifts to christmas seals have helped us fight for healthy lungs and air. celebrate another year -- go to
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. >> sean: former bush speechwriter made headlines this week when he clashed with cnn's christiane amanpour about the bush administration's enhanced interrogation policies. >> do you support torture? i know you don't call it torture. extreme pain the -- >> there's no extreme pain.
5:32 am
the technique, there have been so many misstatements told about the enhanced interrogation techniques comparing them to the spanish inquestions sun you are one who have spread these mistruths. >> that is called waterboarding. >> no it is not. >> you can say in which ever way you want. >> you are absolutely wrong. i'm sorry, -- >> the genocidal regime. >> seven survivors. >> excuse me you are trying to obfuscate the debate. that prison was pull of images of water torture. >> sean: checkmate. i'm glad nobody at that network -- what did the cia do and did it strengthen your security? we took a look ourselves as well as how things have changed under president obama followed by reaction from mark himself. >> i strongly believe that the
5:33 am
steps that we've taken to prevent these kinds of enhanced interrogation techniques will make us stronger over the long term and make us safer over the long term. >> sean: that was president obama 100 case after he took office defending his decision to dismantle some of the cia interrogation techniques used on suspected terrorists. in april president obama with his attorney general eric holder went further by declassifying cia interrogation documents, including sensitive details about the program. his decision to publicize guarded intelligence involving terrorists has made many in the intelligence community question if it has aided our enemy and made america more vulnerable to another terrorist attack. that is the premise of the new book, courting disaster how the cia kept america safe and how barack obama is inviting the next attack. the author asserts the so-called enhanceed
5:34 am
interrogation techniques were responsible for foiling multiple terror taxes after 9/11. theisen was president bush's head speechwriter and given access to intelligence our government possessed. he challenges the notion that waterboarding constitutes torture as well as many other cia tactics. the operatives were trained to provide outdated information and drag out interrogations so their comrades could carry out more attacks. after the advanced tech nooks were used they gave valuable that led to the captures of many key operatives. the poster boy was al-qaeda operative zubaydah captured in pakistan after a shootout. >> he was questioned using these procedures and soon he began to provide information on key al-qaeda operatives. he identified, helped lead to
5:35 am
the capture and together these two provided information that captured khalid sheikh mohammed. >> sean: according to courting disaster, the dismantled interrogation techniques insured those terrorists are no longer walking free. mark now joins us. you start out with this editor's note you should not be reading this book, i should not have been able to write it. interesting way to start a book. >> the obama administration has released all of this information about how we interrogate captured terrorists. secrets behind the united states stopped the next 9/11. they should have remained secrets. they released this information. obama said we committed torture and we did nothing of the sort. i'm using this information to defend the cia. >> sean: i'm glad you. are. the identify we have the underwear er and we don't interrogate the guy and let
5:36 am
him lawyer-up is madness to me. let's go through a little of this. tell the story about how you were asked to write the speech for the president on this? >> sure. in 2006 the program had been stopped by a combination of the supreme court and the efforts of liberals. i was asked by president bush to write a speech revealing this program. in the course of writing that speech get to know the interrogators. i sat down in the room with the real jack bauers. they walked me through how they stop terrorist attacks. how they got khalid sheikh mohammed to tell his plans on the follow-up of 9/11. >> sean: you can now tell us. >> the period right after 9/11 there were two terror networks. we didn't know who ksm was. >> sean: only through interrogation we found out who he was. >> right. there were two terror networks
5:37 am
out there. one was s -- ks m's network and the other was the network to hijack a plane and fly it into -- i told the story about first zubaydah, then ksm slowly rolled up networks, more than two dozen and stopped them to commit attacks, fly a plane into the library tower, blow up a marine camp in djibouti. fly planes in the london's financial district at heathrow. all of these things stopped. 2009 new terror network the al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula. by the obama administration's admission we didn't know they were planning attacks on the united states. why? because we are not capturing terrorists and intergetting them any more. we are blind because we've taken away the most important tool we have. >> sean: the net result will be they are going to be successful.
5:38 am
>> we are courting disaster. we're in danger because we do not have this capability. i interviewed the former cia director. he said intelligence is like putting together a puzzle without being able to see the cover of the book. you've got all these pieces, the only people who know what the picture looks like are the terrorists like ksm. when you interget them they tell you what the picture on the cover of the book looks like. >> sean: they've all said the same thing, you tell me if they are wrong we accumulated more intelligence from enhanced interrogation than all intelligence agencies combined? >> 100% true. 2006, since the 9/11 attacks half of what we knew about al-qaeda and their plan came from cia interrogations. they identified voices and calls. they told us how al-qaeda operates and what their plans are. they gave us the picture on
5:39 am
the cover of the box. we don't have the picture on the cover of the box any more that's why we are in danger. >> sean: is that why we've prevented attacks all these years? >> exactly. you can intercept the call you den know the voices. >> sean: what do you say to the critics saying if you are using enhanced interrogation people will say anything to make it stop, to make it go a you obviously have to cross check what they are saying and others are saying and you have the ability to contron them again. eventually they want it to stop the only way it is going to stop is if they tell the truth. >> one of the biggest myths told about this program we didn't use enhanced interrogation techniques to get intelligence. we used them to get them to cooperate. ksm started out being defyian then we waterboarded him then he was compliant. they asked him questions they knew the answers to, to gauge he changed his mind and was gonna cooperate then the
5:40 am
techniques stopped. the techniques lasted a couple of days. >> sean: i think it is hard for people to understand evil. you are describe pure unadulterated evil in this book. >> there is a story, this guy said that he had -- he was with ksm late one night and he said if i ever get out of this hole i'm going to slit your throat and kill your family and smiled while he said it. he said every time i get down i think of those two people who stood in the world trade center and held their hands and went off into space and i go back to my work. these people are heroes who stopped the next 9/11. and they are vilified. >> sean: there are people in this country that would like to try them. >> incredible this is the most successful and important intelligence program probably in the history of the cia. >> sean: where is leon panetta
5:41 am
why isn't he defending his own agency? >> he's trying. >> sean: he's not trying hard enough. >> he's up against holder and a lot of people. >> sean: if he can't did his job he needs to quit and resign and tell the country why. >> i wish he would but whoever would come after him would probably be worse. >> sean: thank you incredible inside what goes on. >> thank you for having me. >> sean: when we come back, let not your heart be troubled the great, great, great, american panel is next. ♪ ♪
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5:45 am
here. why do you have to defend me? >> you keep asking these questions you know when i walk in the building and i'm seen with you it is bad for me. you do understand that. >> sean is not very well liked. >> sean: by who? >> particularly the black community, since you asked. >> sean: why? >> anything that has to do with barack obama -- you don't even like the ties he wears. >> sean: i don't like the ties you wear. >> we know this. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: keep engaged was a good decision i gave him credit for that adding the troops it took him forever but that was the right decision. he seems like a very caring and will having father. >> that is true. >> sean: i'd rather he not take vacations -- >> he's due a vacation he's the president of the united states. >> sean: and he's weakening
5:46 am
our national defense. the people of your state, massachusetts, your old state, agree. >> my longtime state my home state. i gotta tell you something, my brother sends me a two-page e-mail why i voted for scott brown. my brother has never voted for a republican in his life. my ! and he said first of all, martha coakley was a really and peeling candidate. for a republican to win in massachusetts three things have to happen: unbelievably unappealing democrat. unbelievably appealing republican. and then there's got to be x-factor out there that has people mad or angry. >> throw the ineptitude into the equation. coakley ran a hideous campaign she took it for granted ted kennedy's seat, she did what a lot of people are accuse the democrats of doing taking the voter for
5:47 am
granted. >> sean: obama comes out today, angry as we've been discussing tonight. still continues to -- his agenda on health care seemingly wants to push in. doesn't listen to his own party. michael barone says if you look at the massachusetts model, 155 democratic seats now in play for republicans. are they that tone deaf? >> right now it strikes me as they are. i'm surprised by after the scott brown victory -- before it was even over but clear he was gonna win. the white house releasing statements that the president was angry and going to be defiant and fight for health care. he gives the speech today admitting they ran into a buzzsaw in health care but because the republicans scared everyone, misrepresented everything. now he wants republicans to get onboard. >> let me say this to both of y'all. i think barack obama has every right to be angry. you look at the economy, it's not good. look at his health care plan
5:48 am
it's not going well. [ talking over each other ] >> it could be angry for the wrong reason. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: his economy, his debt, his deficits, his stimulus, his omnibus, his bribes to senators, -- >> we don't disagree there. no question he holds some culpability in that regard. >> sean: usually somebody's head rolls is it going to be rahm emanuel, pelosi or same people they have? >> here's the problem, the white house has one perspective. their perspective, i think really, we've got an an yen this is the moment. if we don't get health care through now we are not going to get it through later. i understand why they are sticking to that, they believe in it. the problem, you all these members of congress sitting there, democrats scared out of their mines.
5:49 am
>> sean: they should be. >> of course they should be. something is going to move in the next couple of days. i know rahm emanuel is getting calls every five minutes. >> sean: you tell me, i think now you're gonna see the democrats stop walking the plank. they are going to tell him it is over, done, finished, we're in the giving up our careers for you or anybody. >> i think we'll see more democratic retire s, more party-switching more republican challengers sitting on the sidelines come on. there was a great blog, it was a funny line that obama has become the reverse jesus we take on his sins so he can be clean. he refuses to take any blame. funny line but true. >> let me say this to y'all, let me tell y'all this right now i think what is gonna happen is the democrats are going to lose seats in the house and senate and that going to lead to obama getting
5:50 am
reelected. i know that is bad news for you. but i'm telling you now. >> if [ talking over each other ] >> if it hadn't happened in massachusetts sean, it would have happened next november. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: my prediction is they are stubborn, ideological, extreme and they won't be able to moderate. we'll come back. stephen a is wrong on this football fix. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle? ♪ fiddle music charlie:hat's how you do it son. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. we had michelle bachman on last night. arlen specter says why den you act like a lady! here's michelle bachman responding. >> what was really stunning
5:54 am
again, about that whole interchange it was emblemmatic of what the message the voters sent tuesday evening. the voters repudiated the arrogance that has come out of the democrat party. what i heard yesterday on the radio with senator specter was more of that arrogance. they haven't sobered up as to the reality the people in charge not this very liberal majority. >> sean: susan first of all he ought to act like a gentleman. >> he's been a republican longer than april democrat, what can i -- than a democrat, what can i say. >> sean: you might be able to answer this. seriously, why is it that -- it seems open season on conservative women. michelle bachman, michelle malkin. sarah palin. you know, why? >> i think michelle bachman is a bright and engaging woman and there was no excuse for arlen specter's remarks.
5:55 am
i'll stop right there. i think sarah palin has made herself a target. she a target. >> sean: go after her looks, her clothes, her kids. >> that's how women -- i was sitting there with geraldine ferraro in 1984, long articles would be written about what kind of shoes she wore and did i buy the shoes and who the shoes and her make-up and her hair. look at hillary with the cleavage. saufrp >> sean: who effort talking about hillary's -- >> "washington post". >> fact is when you consider some of the battles women have had to fight in this country to have the rights they have, you have a lot of people who look at women and believe they should be on the liberal and progressive side. i think that's what it comes down to. >> sean: eric i guess the thing so frustrating women on the liberal side say they want women's rights. here are independent women,
5:56 am
family-oriented, some attractive and there seems to be an open season on them in the most personal way. they are attacking in the public arena >> i think the biggest threat to see a woman like sarah palin who can have a down syndrome child in her arm while she is working. >> i carry my children, they are too big now. that is not the threat. the threat is sarah palin i mean my problem with sarah palin i wish she were smarter. i wish she knew her founding fathers. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: one of the problems -- >> she doesn't come across that way. >> sean: i've spent a lot more time than anyone here. she is much smarter than i think -- there's been a caricature painted. >> y'all to accept this fact about sarah palin, no matter how intelligent she is. that wasn't how she came across. that may not have been her
5:57 am
fault, she may have been muzzled by the mccain campaign, i don't know. >> book that just came out, one on how badly she prepared for the debate and one how badly joe biden prepared for the debate. her. [ talking over each other ] >> she won the debate hands down. >> he's the sitting vice president. united states and the media has ignored -- >> sean: i'm running out of time. you are wrong on football. >> sean you are going into deep water you're not ready for this. just because you throw this around doesn't make you qualified, but go ahead. >> sean: you did notice it has the hannity logo on it. that means something, right? first of all, i to say i'm the biggest peyton manning fan. one of the greatest guys ever -- but i'm going with the two underdogs. i'm gonna say upset by the jets. i can't bet against brett favre.
5:58 am
>> there you go with your pom-poms and the emotion. first of all the minnesota vikings are not really an underdog they are a potent team, even though i'm picking the saints because it is home field and i think that will disrupt the offense. as far as the jets are concerned they are lucky to be in they lost six games being rookie quarterback throwing for 100 yards they are lucky they are here! they should not have beat cincinnati. >> rookie quarterback is from usc. >> that's very nice. about to go on probation. the point i'm making is, the new york jets quality team, love rex ryan bright future, great running game you are going to make sanchez throw that ball. jets losing sunday. >> sean: i like rex ryan. feeley is going to win with five seconds to go. how much you wanna bet? >> what do you want to bet? >> sean: what do you want to
5:59 am
bet? >> dinner. >> sean: louisiana saints and mannings. the odds are with you. i'm going with the underdogs. >> you're talking like you -- [ talking over each other ] >> i'm from queens, new york if anything i would pick the jets i think they are an interior team and peyton manning may be the greatest quarterback ever. >> sean: watching a conservative make an he -- emotional pick. i have a lady from the housewives of new york saying i was a metro sexual. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: go jets, go feeley and sanchez, knock 'em dead. silence this guy stephen a. make him eat those words. >> oh lord. >> sean: see you back with the results monday. have a great january 22nd. have a great weekend.

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